Activate your smart cloud-enabled life and access the services you need - anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently.Placing your mobile phone data in good hands. Automated categorization of your files, both local and cloud, into pictures, music, video, documents, and all types, to best suit your daily needs.
Smooth Processing for a Variety of Formats
Hikvision Smart Storage APP supports frequentlyused formats for
pictures, music, videos, and files:
Personal assistant for your cloud devices
Hikbox can manage carry-on NAS W100, private cloud H100 and other devices in a centralized and effortless manner.
Share Your Moments Anywhere Anytime
Hikbox supports one-key sharing.
Allows easy sharing of pictures and files on WeChat, Weibo, qq, email, and other social platforms.
One-key backup helps secure your most precious moments easily
Hikbox supports backup of your photo gallery and contact list. Photos in your mobile phone, USB drives and SD cards can be backed up to end devices automatically.

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