Warranty Policy
  • Solid State Drive
  • Memory
  • Memory Card
  • External Storage
Series Default Warranty Period
HS-SSD-C100 Three years
HS-SSD-E100 Three years
HS‐SSD‐E100N Three years
HS‐SSD‐E1000 Three years
HS‐SSD‐E2000 Three years
HS‐SSD‐E3000 Three years
HS-SSD-A100 Three years
HS-SSD-A1000 Three years
HS-SSD-F1000 Five years
HS-SSD-WAVE(S) Three years
HS-SSD-WAVE(N) Three years
HS-SSD-WAVE(P) Three years
HS-SSD-WAVE PRO(P) Five years
HS-SSD-FUTURE Five years
HS-RADIATOR-MH1 Three years
HS-RADIATOR-MHF1 Three years
Series Default Warranty Period
HS-DIMM-U1(DDR3/4) Life time
HS-DIMM-S1 Life time
HS-DIMM-U10 Life time
HS-DIMM-U100 Life time
Series Default Warranty Period
HS-TF-C1 Seven years
HS-TF-D1 Seven years
HS-TF-M1 Two years
HS-TF-G2 Life time
HS-TF-P1 Two years
HS-TF-L2 Two years
HS-SD-P10 Two years
Series Default Warranty Period
HS-USB-M200 Five years
HS-USB-M200S Five years
HS-USB-M200R Five years
HS-USB-M201P Five years
HS-ESSD-T200N Three years
HS-ESSD-T100 Three years
HS-ESSD-T200N mini Three years
HS-EHDD-T30 Three years
HS-EHDD-T300S Three years

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